Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Whirlwind

It's hard to believe that nearly 8 weeks have gone by since I began my internship at Novo. I still meet new people every day and have been expanding my horizons even within other departments recently. No one shies away from my questions or puts down my curiosity here!

Last Thursday, I was sitting at the "other" building a few miles away for their rendition of the weekly "dollar barbecue" event. I had ventured over there with a few other employees after they lured me with the appeal of "better food" and "unlimited creampuffs". Not one to deny unlimited creampuffs, I traveled over to the packed cafeteria and eventually found a seat. Soon, I saw a man looking for his own place to eat and offered a, "You can sit here!" (a la Forrest Gump). He sat down and we proceeded to describe his life as an endocrinologist, adjunct professor of medicine, and director of a department involved with research here at Novo! In the end, after I confessed that he has what I would consider one of my dream jobs, he invited me to meet with him to discuss an upcoming study as I would offer unique insights from my perspective living with diabetes.

I met with him yesterday and feel good that I was able to give him tangible assistance and identify several ways to improve the study for the participants and researchers alike. It was quite nice to be able to answer questions that no one else in the room could satisfy. As an intern, there isn't much in the way of solid, scientific information I can offer up to anyone. As a narrator, however, I am the best at telling my own story.

At the end of the meeting, he asked if I was going to return as an intern next summer.
Admittedly, I hadn't thought that far ahead. Would I like to return to Novo next year? Absolutely! I'd like to work in a different department to experience even more of the pharmaceutical industry, just as I've tried to expose myself to as much as possible within Health Economics.

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