Friday, June 28, 2013

After a long series of meetings yesterday (some involving free BBQ or cupcakes…others simply “croissandwiches”), I picked up another project that will allow me great responsibility with just the right amount of pressure to do the work effectively yet in a timely manner. My mentor and I have been tasked with updating the AMCP Dossier for a drug. This incredibly lengthy document is a single source for all clinical, safety, economic, and other data involving a pharmaceutical. It must be updated every few years or as new data is released which may affect its distribution in some way- in this case, we believe the latest data will give our drug a leg-up on its comparator and thus increase its market value.
At this time, we’re having meetings with information/library database staff to figure out how to find every piece of literature involving our drug that has been published since the last dossier and is relevant to our goal.

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