Monday, June 24, 2013

1st Day, 2nd Week

Today, the first day of my second week, I learned just how brutal the corporate world can be. My lunch, in all of its microwaveable Tupperware glory, is MIA. I checked three refrigerators- no dice. Someone has taken it upon themselves to consume the strange mix of beets, onions, kale, romaine, teriyaki chicken, poppy seeds, horseradish, green lentils, and salt substitute. Perhaps they thought they were doing me a favor by taking care of such an unorthodox lunch assembly. Either way, I’ll miss my Tupperware. If there is anything college has taught me thus far, it is to spare everything! Nothing goes to the garbage unless it is spoiled or useless otherwise….and this includes my Tupperware, which has no plans to degrade in any landfill within the next million years.

What a diverse group of folks I work with- Danish, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, New Jerseyan (ha!), and plenty more outside my department. I hear several different languages every day. A good portion of the employees I encounter while refilling my coffee are amicable if not willing to strike up a casual conversation. This makes my slew of questions much easier to quench as I have several people to ask with various knowledge bases and backgrounds to pull from.

Though I’m still getting started and haven’t quite ramped up the workload aside from the initial papers I’ve been given to analyze for my mentor, I’m already busy! Trying to get my mind into the thought-processes behind health economics and outcomes research is a task in itself. I’ve got to constantly consider the strategic issues and imperatives at hand, the potential market access of the drug, our target value plan, and how we are going to form our health economic plan. There are currently more abbreviations and acronyms than I can shake a stick at, but I will slowly conquer them as I settle in here.

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